415 Airbag
A flotation bag that you put inside your kayak to increase the flotation if you should fill the kayak with water.
Size: 12 liters
Color: Orange

420 Paddle Leash
A paddle leash made of a cord with a hook in each end. A velcro band with a D-ring that you attach around your paddle. One hook at the cord you attach to the D-ring at the paddle and the second one you attach to your kayak, or to the D-ring on front of the Lifejacket "400".

430, 431, 432 Map Case
A map case made in a clear pvc, with a new wide-track waterproof zip closure. It has a hook in all four corners so it easily can be attached to a kayak, canoe, backpack, bike, etc.
"430" 24 x 31 cm
"431" 33 x 45 cm
"432" 35 x 53 cm

440 SmarTube
SmarTube is a drinking tube that fits "all" standard water bottles. You use SmarTube togheter with a standard water bottle that you can buy everywhere!
One package of SmarTube contains: tube, mouthpiece, 2 sizes of caps (fits the US & EU market), velcro and a tube clip.
"Forget the hussle with cleaning of waterbladders"

445 Seat Cushion
A self inflateble seat cushion designed to fit the kayak seat. Open the twist valve and let it fill up with air before you close it and sit on it. Open the valve and let air out until you just feel the seat, then you close the valve. Now you can sit comfortable during your paddling. Too much air inside makes the kayak feel unstable.
Color: Black/Brown

450 Bottlebag
A bag that you attach to the back of your Kanuk lifejacket. Put in a standard waterbottle with drinking tube SmarTube (art. "440") and your drinking system is ready. The bag is isolated to keep your water cold.

451 Backpack
A backpack made in ripstop nylon. Padded back, curved and padded shoulder straps. A telephone pocket that is attached with velcro. Waistbelt, inside pocket for the wallet, a front zipped pocket and a handle on top.
Volume: 30 l
Color: Black

465, 467, 468 Neckless
Neckless made in Stearling silver (925) or 18 karat Gold.
Art. nr:
"465" Kayaker
"467" Kayak
"468" Paddle

480 Suspenders
Suspenders that fits all Kanukīs spraydecks that donīt have velcro around the waist. The suspenders have 3 snap clips that you attach to the flaps inside the spraydeck. The suspenders move easily on the back for good movement of your shoulders. The size is easily adjustable with one hand on the front when you sit in the kayak.